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What are the prerequisites to install the program?

3ds Max version 2015 or more recent versions

All Versions of VRay Render Engine

.NET Framework 4.5

How long can be the program used?

The program does not currently expire time; however, it is not supported anymore after one year from the date of purchase.

It is also possible that software update includes a repayment after one year from the date of purchase.

The VNW program works offline and does not connect to the Internet!

First, ensure that your system is connected to the Internet.

Turn off your VPN.

If there is no Internet problem, some problems are likely under the circumstances. In this case, please wait a bit and use the offline features of the program.

Should I re-download the entire Object and Material updates if I changed Windows or 3ds Max?

If you installed the program on a drive other than the Windows drive, you do not have to download files again. After reinstalling the program, all would be re-loaded

I downloaded the files; however, they do not have the texture when they are to be used!

Note that some old objects lack texture.

If your file is textured and not downloaded correctly for any reason, use the button shown in the image below to make sure it is downloaded.

Search textures

After the search, the list of textures will be displayed. If no download happened, it means that there are no textures found.

The folder where I installed the program has no further free space and I cannot download new files!

The program automatically searches for all your drives at runtime and will run the program if a TIK3D folder is found. Therefore, you can easily transfer the TIK3D folder from one drive to another drive without having any problems running the program.

Note: If the program is in the roots of 2 drives at the same time, the priority of the program will be arranged alphabetically.

Can I install the program on an external hard drive?

Yes. The program can be installed on the external hard drive; however, the speed of its run will surely be reduced.

If you install the program on an external hard drive, be sure to connect the hard drive to the system via a USB3 cable.

Is the size of the objects smaller than the other three-dimensional models?

In terms of sized required on the hard drive, the objects are of a size about one-third of most objects used on the Internet; however, they do not differ in terms of the amount of space inside your 3ds Max space or RAM and the heaviness of the scene depends on your experience in the correct layout and use of the models as instance.

I have a problem that I cannot fix it! How can I solve my problem?

If your problem is not solved via email or telegram, the best way is to install ldquo;Anydesk rdquo; software, through which your system is checked and the problem will be fixed.


Telegram ID: @RTVahid

Download Anydesk

I closed the program using the close button, how do I reopen it?

Use the following figure to reopen the program.

reopen tik3d program

Can we add our own files to the program?

Yes. You can create new categories and add files to existing categories or new categories. There are several ways to do this. The option Help allows you learn how to work.

When models are used in the scene, black models are displayed in viewport or the models are black in render time!

The TIK3D app works with the Vray render engine and if you do not have the renderer installed or if you use another render engine, the models will be displayed black.

How to uninstall the application?

To do this, go to the folder where the program is installed and uninstall it by using the Uninstall.exe file.

Note: By uninstalling the application, only the run file is removed and all downloaded objects and materials will remain in order to use them if necessary.

The VNW program fails after downloading multiple objects!

Sorry for the problem. The VNW program is not designed to download a large number of files at the same time and it sometimes gets in trouble in these cases. Thus, select fewer file, especially files with high texture, to download.